= Instruction =

Chapter 12 Pursue 1-6
1. If you have not already done so, learn how to view browser.
When developing sites that use cookies,browser prompts you
when cookies are received.

2. Make the login form sticky.

3. Add code to the handling of the $errors variable on the login page that uses a foreach loop if $errors is an array, or just prints the value of $errors otherwise.

4. Modify the redirect_user( ) function so that it can be used to redirect the user
to a page within another directory.

5. Implement another cookie example, such as storing cookie example,
such as storing a user's preference in the cookie, then base a look
or feature of a page upon present).

6. Change the code in logout.php (Script 12.11) so that it uses the session_name()
function to dynamically set the name value of the session cookie being deleted.