The Liberty University Prayer Center’s mission is to encourage, comfort, intercede, and uplift people by walking with them into the throne room of almighty God and presenting their requests through prayer.

One of the most important goals is to demonstrate to each person who has requested prayer that their need has not been received casually, prayed for once, and discarded. Our software enables us to follow up on a regular basis, record updates, share answered prayer with the entire team, and keep accurate records of all correspondence sent to those needing prayer. We keep a running history of each request and what the current status of the need is. Accurate records of each volunteer’s time served are recorded through SharePoint as well.

Each volunteer learns not only the discipline of praying for others, but also enjoys a front row seat watching God answer prayers on a regular basis. Students learn how God grows their compassion for others who have seemingly insignificant requests and for those who face life-altering circumstances. Students enjoy the satisfaction of learning how they have been used by God to make an eternal difference in the life of a person who matters greatly to the Lord. Students come face to face with the challenge of wondering if their prayer is powerful enough to intercede effectively for a variety of needs and concerns. God continues to match volunteer students with those who need prayer for familiar needs.